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Fandom Bound

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Welcome! - Psuedo welcome post. New? Ask any questions here. :-) (I'm working on a 'real' welcome post for new folk.)


Gen I
Het I - Adult
Slash I - Adult

This community is an assist to the creation and journey of fandom journals, or scrapbooks - a fandom time capsule of sorts that holds multiple examples of how fans see fandom at the time of the journals conception. We use this community to post ideas, information, questions, and news about our efforts. This project is based loosely on the '1000 Journals' idea.

At this time - June 2007 Conception - we will do one journal each of Gen, Het, and Slash. All television shows and movies are welcome. All pairings are welcome. Crossovers are welcome. Stories, drabbles, poems, original lyrics, jokes, haiku, image manipulations, drawings, cartoons, watercolor, small items - if you can think it and fit it into the journal you can do it. All pairings are welcome within their relevant journals. (i.e. Het pairings to het journal, slash pairings to slash journal, etc.)

The goal is to have FUN giving up a bit of your talent to a journal that will hold the creations of over 100 other fans. We're here to play, and it's just serendipitous that additionally we can give back to the community by way of charitable involvement.

Each journal will be auctioned on it's completion, profits to be given to an international charitable organization of our choosing. The completed journal will go to the winning bidder.

NOTE: The journal will be chronicled online as it is created, so we can enjoy the beauty of it as it emerges.

This is a long term project. The journals will be traveling all over the world *and* to over 100 different fans each. This will take time - possibly two years or more. There may be time when there is little action on this community, but we hope to keep your interest by updating as the journal evolves.

Your responsibilities if you decide to play are as follows:

1. Give your address to the person you are receiving the journal from.
2. Save the packing when you receive the journal.
3. Let us know that you have it.
4. When you complete your project scan it and send the file to darklock.

NOTE: If your project isn't the size of the journal page, scan it with a journal sized page behind it *and* as it will be displayed *on* the page. (i.e. If it's going to be centered on the page, we need to 'see' this.) We want the online journal to look as close as possible to the actual journal. Also, if you are drawing/writing your artwork/story directly to the journal, please scan it as best you can so we get the best possible representation of it. Thank-you.

5. Add in your creation/effort/project.
6. Choose a fan/friend to send it on to. Someone you know, or someone interested in the project.
7. Get their address.
8. Package the journal and add the address label.
9. PAY for postage and send out the journal.

Tah-dah! This is all you are responsible for. Remember, if you want to play, you are responsible for the postage on the way out. This is your only expense, aside from packing tape and a label.

If the packaging wears out, I, darklock, will deal with it then.

You have optional opportunities for being involved by voicing your opinions, ideas, and concerns in this community. Or, just hang out and enjoy. You can also let your friends know about this project. If you're interested in bidding to win the completed journal(s) you'll have that opportunity, and the satisfaction of being a part of a fun time that results in helping out others.

Feel free to post when you get the journal- what your impressions are, when the journal leaves your hands, where it's going, and anything else you feel might be cheer the community along on this epic journey.

PLEASE NOTE: Your personal information, as far as your address goes, is shared between you and the participant before you. (Ideally, the majority of exchanges will be through your flist.) I, darklock, will also be collecting money and personal information with regards to the auction, and getting the journal out to the winner. I will also have your email information when you send in your 'offering'. I will not share this information with *anyone*. It will be forgotten as soon as it's usefulness to this project is done. I also *welcome* any questions and concerns regarding this issue. This issue may also be raised on the community itself. I want you to feel comfortable with this project if you choose to be involved. Any advice is always welcome.