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07 July 2007 @ 04:49 pm
If you take a glance at the sidebar, you'll notice three links. Those are to the three journals we have going so far.

The gen and het journals feature only the 'cover' and 'back cover' posts, at this time.

The slash journal, however, has a post featuring 'On The Mainland' a Stargate: Atlantis John/Rodney watercolour created by crysothemis.

Please note - The actual website will feature the ability to view the true size of the offerings. At the moment you will be viewing them at approximately 1/3 the size.

At this time I am hosting the journals on the fandombound lj. For those who don't know, I originally started this community in a lj before moving it to a community. I kept the lj thinking it may come in handy, and it has!

NOTE: Please don't add the fandombound lj (as compared to the fandom_bound community, which is this list, and I *want* you to add) to your flist. I'm using it to post the emerging journals, only. All updates will be listed and linked here on the Fandom Bound community. Thanks! (Website coming up within the next three weeks.)

I will post a notice like this each time I add an offering to the journals.